The team at Voyage Building are able to guide and direct you through the process of developing high quality multi-unit homes that you will love.

Are you residing on a large block and a brilliant opportunity?

Multi-unit developments involve developing more than one dwelling on a single lot. Here at Voyage Building, our team has the expertise and is proficiently knowledgeable in delivering subdivisions, units and townhouses. We have experience with developments of all sizes and are able to design and produce developments that are custom designed to your style.

Multi-Unit Developments advantages

The benefits of multi-unit developments are manifold. They present a myriad of options for both investors and families as it can be considered a highly profitable investment project. Not only does it increase the value of your block, however, it maximises the potential profits of your investment.

Whether you want to subdivide your block and build a unit for an additional income stream or you’re interested in undertaking a larger development project, we are able to assist you. Our team at Voyage Building can coordinate the entire project for you, from concept to completion. Our skilled team can organise building permits and ensure plans are compliant with building permit requirements, making the process less daunting.